Tuesday, 28 Oct, 2014

Five reasons why all finance pros should use Twitter – Reason #2: Sentiment

My name is Sverre Rørvik Nilsen, but I'm probably better known by my Twitter handle @finansakrobat. I've been navigating the waters of Twitter since 2009 and I've learned...

Wednesday, 22 Oct, 2014

Nine ways fund managers can keep their heads above water (and swim)

The fund manager’s work day isn’t as straightforward as many would have you believe.

Friday, 03 Oct, 2014

VIDEO: What you don't know about the Infront terminal, but really should

You might be using the Infront terminal (maybe you still call it the Online Trader) to follow a handful of exchanges in real-time. Maybe you’re getting news from a few s...

Tuesday, 30 Sep, 2014

In equity sales, better tools usually mean more profitable clients

Whether you’re buying the latest electronic gadget or checking out a new car, it’s always helpful when the sales person is well informed and able to proffer appropriate a...

Tuesday, 16 Sep, 2014

Infront 6.1 is here (and it’s the most user-friendly Infront yet)

We’re pleased to announce that Infront 6.1 – the latest version of the Infront market data, analytics and trading terminal – is now available for download. Multiple UI i...

Tuesday, 16 Sep, 2014

Free up desk space (and market data budget) with Infront’s new corporate debt solution

Are you using an expensive terminal alongside Infront, just to access corporate debt data? Infront’s brand new corporate debt solution gives you everything you need to k...

Tuesday, 24 Jun, 2014

Bringing greater value to the hedge fund desktop

Client insistence on ever-greater investment returns has served as a source of pressure for hedge funds, investment capital firms and trading boutiques to keep a tight li...