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What's new?

New Features in Version 30

In the "Index Members" and "Portfolio" widgets, it is now possible to define the format of the performance columns individually for each user.


In the "Chart Analysis" widget, the "Instrument bar" can now be shown and hidden. In addition, the last 120 days are now available in the tick-by-tick history. The "MiFID" widget was prepared for the display of new sustainability fields and the display of dividend fields was unified across widgets.


New features in Infront Investment Manager

We have improved and made things more convenient for you with the latest releases 27, 28 & 29 of Infront Investment Manager.

New features:
Alerts can now be exported and imported.

Context specific help can be called up directly from each widget for the Help Center.
With the corresponding activation, the ESG Module is now also available.
A new view is now available in the Time & Sales widget, which makes it easier to filter ticks with and without trades.

The Investment Manager has improved the design of the Quick Search. The search has now been moved to the left hand side of the application. Additionally it offers users the added benefit of quickly identifying the instrument asset class (Share, Fund, Option…) on the right side of the search. An input field for direct quick search is now available in the header and the suggested hits can now be dragged and dropped directly into the individual widgets of a dashboard. A link to the General Search is available in the top right corner in order to search on instruments beyond the first 10 matches. In the general search window, users now have the option to group different quotations from the same company in order to get a better overview of the search results.

In the "Chart Analysis" widget, the new "Parallels" tool individual time periods and the "Williams Accumulation/Distribution" indicator are now available.

More about the new releases you will find in the Help Center in your Infront Investement Manager.

Release 25.0

New icons and button refactoring. With these changes we aim to have a calmer, consistent interface, with a clear focus on actionable items.

Users can now define very flexible custom periods for the simple chart (e.g. since beginning of the quarter, last 12 days, last 14 days of the previous quarter, etc.).

A new search concept has been implemented where users can quickly get a (custom!) overview of a specific instrument via a quick search in the top header.

  • New chart indicator: Modified Benchmark, where two instruments can be freely combined in a simple custom benchmark.
  • CSV export of indexed time series. When exporting indexed values to CSV, the percentage changes (start at 100%) are now exported as well.
  • Better user experience when duplicating widgets (original size is kept) and also when comparing different dashboard versions (50% scaling).
  • Increase of the number of index constituents that can be shown simultaneously without paging.  


For more detailed information, please visit the Help Center in your Infront Investment Manager.

Release 24.0.1

We have improved and made things more convenient for you with the latest releases of Infront Investment Manager.

We rolled out the Help Center to offer you easy navigation and a good overview on all your devices. In the Help Center you will find all documentation related to the product including release notes in English and German. Just click on the "?" in the top right navigation of your Infront Investment Manager.

New features:

The "Short portraits" form the screener result lists were replaced with configurable dashboard overlay templates.

In several widgets such as the "Arbitrage" widget, a graphical "52-week comparison" can now be added as a column.

  • The "Alert widget” now supports the CSV export" of the price settings. Various other widgets were optimized such as "Chart Analysis", "Full Quote" or "Watchlist".
  • With our new print settings, admin users can set a proper logo, header and footer for their print outs, chart exports and pdf portraits. You also have the option to choose the configuration to be used for this (tenant, subtenant or none).
  • You can now quickly mark a dashboard as a favourite using the star icon.

21.04.2021 - Release 23.0.0

With the Infront Investment Manager release version 23 we have added these new features and made the following improvements for you.

New features: This version introduced dashboard versioning and provided CSV import of watchlists.

A special activation is required for the import.  

Please contact your Infront account manager for this or write an email to:

Furthermore, optimizations were carried out in various widgets, for example, Chart, Chart Analysis, Full Quote, Company Profile, Correlation matrix or Yield Curves.

Dashboard versioning

An initial version of dashboard historisation was rolled out with this release. The 10 most current versions are displayed.

When an older version is selected, an overlay shows the user a comparison between the current dashboard version and the selected older dashboard version.

Users now have the following options:

  • Cancel: The current dashboard version is retained.
  • Restore: The current dashboard version is replaced by the older version.
  • Copy as: The older version is copied to a new dashboard.

Selected examples of release 23

Watchlist CSV import

This version rolls out the ability to import watchlists based on CSV files.

As a minimum requirement, the CSV file must contain the ISINs of the positions to be imported. Otherwise, a corresponding error message is displayed.

If the ISINs of the positions are recognised, a corresponding success message is issued.

Clicking "Continue" takes you to the "Imported data" overview.

In the next step, the user can decide whether to create a new watchlist or add the positions to the current watchlist in the widget.

Selected examples of release 23

Financials: Chart Comparison

In the "Financials" widget, up to 3 key figures can now be compared graphically.

Selected examples of release 23

20.08.2020 - Release 4.0.0 -13.0.0

Find more details in our Release Notes available for our customers in the Closed User Group section.

05.02.2019 - Sending feedback

You can send feedback directly to Infront via this newly implemented option "Send Feedback" in the Infront Investment Manager main menu (burger menu).The following dialog will ask you to enter your feedback, name, and email address. Feel free to give us your comments as well as likes or dislikes. Please note that the feedback option is for you to share insights on your user experience as we aim to make your work easier and more comfortable.

Find more details in our Release Notes available for our customers in the Closed User Group section.

05.02.2019 - Risk-Return Matrix

This information is available as a separate widget and also for your portfolio and watchlist as separate views. The graph shows the relation between volatility and performance for various time periods.

Selected examples of release 23


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