Infront Professional Terminal for IR

For investor relations professionals

You can have global market data, news, in-depth analytics and professional news all in one place to collect and analyze your company data faster and easier.

Quality data at your fingertips


The Infront Professional Terminal for IR is a premium market data terminal for financial professionals that is easy to learn and use. It offers a unique combination of global market data, news, and powerful analytics tools. Access in-depth financial data and analytics on over 70,000 listed companies worldwide. Get an instant overview of any company profile, compare to peer group or industry, and build advanced analysis templates with our powerful Excel add-in.

  • Indices, equities, funds, ETFs, derivatives, fixed income and FX
  • Global equity fundamentals, estimates and ratios
  • Global macro and business indicators data & estimates
  • Company and macro calendars with alerts
  • Annual and interim financial statements with 5-year history
  • Valuation multiples, financial ratios, beta values
  • Powerful multi-criteria screening tools
  • Predefined company peer groups & peer tracking
  • Easy presentation of reports via the Grunt PowerPoint add-in

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