Infront Finance API

Add our market data know-how to your applications

Want to integrate high-quality financial market data into your innovative apps or portal solutions? Let us fire up your solutions!

As a solutions provider, you can add value to your own apps by integrating both exchange and OTC market data specifically geared toward your individual target groups.

Developed with advanced fintech applications in mind, the Infront Finance API provides a fast and simple link to our complete market data universe. It enables you to access information from around 120 stock exchanges, 35 futures and commodity exchanges, 140 OTC contributors and more than 600 capital investment companies for integration directly into your own solutions.

Choose data on shares, funds, ETFs, certificates, bonds, currencies, commodities, or anything else. The relevant master data, together with price histories covering a period of 30 years and more, are managed centrally and held available for download at the Infront computer center.

Inject quality data into your innovative apps

Inject quality data into your innovative apps

Enhance your innovative apps and portal solutions with quality financial market data. We can supply you with an extensive range of content and functions from our global data universe, and assist you with licensing and settling up with the exchanges concerned. This allows you even more room for implementing your trendsetting new ideas. Just give us a call!
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Performance you can trust

A large proportion of our customers are banks and financial service providers, for whom data quality, performance and reliability are of outstanding importance. The Finance API gives you access to the same high-performing back-end that we provide our demanding clients with, offering you a dependable source for several hundred thousand financial instruments.

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Proven quality

You can access the superior functions used within Infront's own software solutions, as well as the data you need via the Finance API. Choose, for example, from detailed search, sample account, watchlist and limit functions, and make your application even more interesting and useful for your target group. Interactive financial charts can also be supplied via the Finance API with raw data in JSON format. Alternatively, you may wish to create your own individual charts (e.g. using the Highcharts API), or entrust us to generate them for you on the basis of your data feed for use as HTML-Includes or in IFrames for direct integration into your application.

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Let us handle the contracts

You see yourself primarily as a solutions provider, as a developer of innovative and creative approaches that aim to provide your users with the maximum possible benefit. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to deal with all the detailed questions relating to licences and contracts? Infront can support you through the complete integration of our Entitlement System in the licensing and settlement of financial market data with the relevant exchanges and other data sources (news agencies etc).

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