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Upgrade financial & exchange information on your website

Upgrade the stock market and financial product range of your website and generate new traffic. The multiple interactive web modules are easy to configure so that you can produce professional financial information on your website. Request your individual test access to our showroom and explore the possibilities.

The ECB’s zero interest rate policy worries many investors. For time-tried capital investments there are no more interest rates, and derivative products as an alternative are for many investors associated with excessive risks. In such an environment it is all the more important to keep your internet users informed about things like performance, volatility, opportunities and risks of capital investments with the right financial market modules. In that way you improve the user experience and get more traffic on your website.

We at Infront not only have extensive financial and stock market information but we also offer you professional and interactive modules: Web Elements - in a responsive web design, of course.

Individual list

Only with the extensive module selection for shares, certificates, funds, ETFs, bonds and more do you get individual solutions. With interactive chart analyses, in particular user-friendly prepared top/flop lists up to and including the virtual portfolio, do you increase the interest, length of stay and the click rates of your users.

Exclusive Content

The hot-or-not index shows you at a glance which individual items in a share-index currently attract more user interest than usual. This evaluation is based on the (click) behaviour of the users on the high-coverage financial portals of well-known media firms. We are currently the only supplier offering you this crowd intelligence tool.

Intelligent advertising

Attractive market games guarantee an increase in traffic since fantastic profit opportunities and fair rules of the game ensure new users and higher click rates. And just incidentally as well, a plus in interesting advertising space.

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