Infront Web Toolkit

Digitize your retail offer

Deliver multi-asset global market data and electronic trading services to your private investor clients in your existing infrastructure to modernize your trading services and lower your total cost of ownership.

Equip your private investor customers with quality market data and powerful online electronic trading functionality on your website. Infront Web Toolkit builds on Infront’s market data and trading technology, offering brokerages, banks and investment firms the ability to deliver a complete brokerage solution to your private investor and retail customers.

The Infront Web Toolkit is built with modern HTML5 web technology and delivers beautifully designed, streaming financial market widgets to your customers. Modular, configurable and interactive, add everything from single charts, news and order books to analytics, easily designed to reflect your brand and customized to meet your customers' needs.

Infront Web Toolkit is standalone and can be used alongside any known library or script without conflicts. The widgets are built to work in any environment and are easy to configure, giving flexibility and control to developers, cutting your time to market and lowering maintenance costs.

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Create your own online brokerage solution

Create your own online brokerage solution

The Infront Web Toolkit is truly easy to implement and configure. With its cutting edge web technology, it was also built for speed. Other benefits include:
  • Managed market data
  • Fully integrated trading
  • Streaming access to multi-asset global markets
  • Works across mobile, web, and desktop
  • Lean server architecture for low-latency and a small footprint
  • Cut time to market and lower maintenance costs
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