Infront Data Manager Treasury

The fuel for your treasury management system

Looking for an efficient and reliable method of importing current market data into your treasury system? We've got the data for corporate treasury and procurement requirements.

Infront Data Manager Treasury, part of Infront Treasury Solutions, provides you with a wide range of data on interest and foreign exchange rates. The data packs provided are based on both raw data and on calculated historical market volatility by Infront, as well as on the data provided by the brokerage firm Tullett Prebon.

The comprehensive selection of standard packs gives you the advantage of receiving the precise data that you require, for a flexible and cost-efficient solution. 

The data can be quickly and easily integrated into existing treasury systems such as SAP, Coupa, TechnosisReval, TIPCO, COPS, Trinity and Serrala. 

The customized compilation of data offers you an optimum cost/benefit ratio. Select the content packs that are relevant for you in the format you require, including XML, CSV or ASCII. 

Standardized interfaces ensure a smooth connection to your existing IT landscape and a stable and secure data transfer with the requested data freshness (real-time, delayed, end-of-day). 

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Use cases

Use cases

Data Manager Treasury can be used to optimize and accelerate workflows in many different processes. Here are just a few examples:
  • Accounting of travel expenses paid by credit cards
  • A bank's interest rates for FX accounts have to be checked and recalculated
  • A real estate company needs long term interest rates
  • Exporters / Importers need FX spot and forward rates for calculations
  • An international company is financing its foreign subsidiaries as a bank
  • An affiliate in China has to deal with national FX fixing rates
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