Infront Diamond Rating

Analysis and evaluation of investment funds

Funds are one of our core competencies. Tap into our know-how when you need help to collect, enrich, analyze, create, store, distribute and publish fund information.

Analyze and value investment funds with Infront Diamond Rating. All funds within the Infront fund universe with a quote history of 5 years are possible candidates for receiving a rating. Today the universe consists of funds registered in the German, Austrian and Switzerland markets as well as Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The rating is purely quantitative; there is no subjective component. It is a descriptive, backward-looking measure of historical performance.

The rating follows the classification of the European Fund Classification Forum (EFCF), a working group of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).

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Rating Criteria

Rating Criteria

The rating is based on five criteria:
  • Consistency (one year performance over the previous five years)
  • Performance (five year overall performance)
  • Capital Preservation (monthly underperformance towards risk-free rate over previous five years)
  • Alpha (monthly performance versus peer group over previous five years)
  • Risk (five year volatility)
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