Wednesday, 09 Sep, 2015

How to use the new VWAP calculator to confirm you’re trading at a good price

Regular traders know that Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) is an important tool to gauge whether a trade was done at a good price. The new VWAP calculator in Infront ...

Friday, 28 Aug, 2015

VIDEO: How to find lit, dark and OTC trades with equity consolidation features in Infront

Up to 50% of trades happen outside the primary markets. Equity consolidation features in Infront, combined with real-time MTF data, help you find liquidity from lit order...


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Tuesday, 18 Aug, 2015

Get independent corporate and government bond benchmarks with iBoxx

If you’re working in a treasury department or on a fixed income desk, you might struggle to find reliable benchmarks for corporate and government bonds. We’ve now added ...

Tuesday, 11 Aug, 2015

Have market data managers become glorified purchasing managers?

Speaking at a recent industry event in London, a senior market data manager said that the lack of competition in today’s financial desktop space meant that contract negot...

Wednesday, 10 Jun, 2015

Direkt named Sweden's top financial news agency for 19th year running

We’re thrilled to congratulate Infront-owned News Agency Direkt, who’ve beaten the competition once again to win the most coveted award in the industry: Top Financial New...

Tuesday, 09 Jun, 2015

Why should you upgrade to Infront 6.3?

Infront 6.3 is here, with several brand new features and improvements. If you’re already an Infront terminal user, you might feel like you have everything set up just th...

Tuesday, 09 Jun, 2015

VIDEO: How to use the new real-time, cross-asset portfolio view in Infront

Infront 6.3 – the latest version of the Infront terminal available for download now – brings a brand new portfolio view. Now, you can get a real-time view of your (or yo...

Tuesday, 09 Jun, 2015

Infront adds new portfolio view and enhanced mobile alerts for improved real-time control over investments

We're pleased to announce the launch of Infront 6.3: an updated version of the Infront terminal with new portfolio view and enhanced mobile alerts. The new capabilities a...