Infront to manage Handelsbanken’s online market data and trading solution

Infront to manage Handelsbanken’s online market data and trading solution
Infront ASA announced today that they have entered an agreement with Handelsbanken to provide the bank’s online market data and trading solution.

Infront and Handelsbanken have signed an agreement to develop an online market data and trading service targeting Handelsbanken’s private investor, small and mid-sized company clients and offices. Handelsbanken will replace their current online solution with the new service developed and hosted by Infront.

The new solution will combine Infront’s market data with Handelsbanken own data in a platform fully adapted to reflect Handelsbanken’s service requirements and brand identity. The delivery also includes Infront’s Web Trader product for a premium segment of Handelsbanken’s clients. The Handelsbanken market data solution, which will be accessible from both desktops and mobile devices, is planned to go live during Q4 2018.

“This agreement is an extension of a longstanding relationship between Handelsbanken and Infront,” commented Kristian Nesbak, CEO of Infront. “After providing Handelsbanken with market data and trading terminals for many years, it is a natural next step to support the bank in providing real-time market data to their own clients and offices. This extended collaboration with a major Nordic financial services group also confirms our position as leading provider of financial data in the Nordic region.”

The Handelsbanken online market data solution, developed with the Infront Web Toolkit, builds on Infront’s technology for financial data, analysis and trading developed over the past twenty years. The web applications developed in the Infront Web Toolkit reduce time and resources needed to launch web-based market data and trading services, and result in smartly designed solutions tailored to the needs of the financial firm and their clients. 

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