Get real-time market-moving audio news in the terminal. Hear it first, react faster!

Get real-time market-moving audio news in the terminal. Hear it first, react faster!
When you are trading in the international markets, a few seconds head-start is a real advantage. Thanks to the partnership between Infront and Live Squawk all Infront users get access to real-time audio news to a heavily discounted price. Be ahead of the game by accessing the market moving news and announcements from Live Squawk within Infront’s global multi-asset class market data and trading terminal.

Live Squawk is an accredited financial and economic news service, specialising in up-to-the-second broadcast reports and headlines. Its journalists and analysts monitor all major newswires, television channels, news websites, blogs and social media platforms for content with market-moving potential.  They only broadcast the most relevant news headlines, identifying and announcing the market moving news where other text based newswires are still scrolling their banner headlines. React quicker to something you hear rather than something you read.

Live Squawk is also unique amongst its peers by being officially recognised by many of the world’s central banks and the ECB. Time and time again it has been shown to be seconds ahead of all the major newswires in the announcement of key market moving decisions from the world’s most senior bankers and politicians. Live Squawk broadcasts 24 hours a day from Europe and Asia, Sunday through Friday. Commentary covers all main asset classes including equities, fixed income, FX and commodities.

Its audience spans the globe with clients relying on them to filter out the noise and bring them accurate, reliable and timely news which, in turn, helps them react quickly and confidently to global events. You can truly be in front of the competition by subscribing to Live Squawk via your Infront terminal. Take a trial by contacting us or by selecting "Audio News" via "My Profile" in your Infront terminal. Live Squawk is also available if you subscribe to a free trial of the Infront terminal. Any questions or do you want a demo? Please contact us