Free indices available in Infront

Free indices available in Infront
Striving to be the most customer friendly provider of financial terminals, Infront has included several sources of free market data to its customers. With Infront, you get access to more than 2500 global and free indices from providers such as Bats Europe, Morningstar, The Freedom Index Company and SIX. In the terminal, you can follow the indices in real-time, view historical charts, see constituents or compare with other assets or indices.

Bats Europe

“Infront is eager to help finance professionals reduce market data fees and are therefore excited to add accurate and reliable index data to our offering. Adding these independent and free indices are in line with our goals to provide market leading data and analytics in a flexible and cost efficient solution,” says Morten Lindeman, CINO of Infront.

With BATS Europe, you get access to real-time updates for 78 indices, including both Price Return and Net Total Return. By end of June, this will be extended to 96 indices. The Morningstar Equity Open Indices consists daily updates for more than 2000 indices worldwide. While the Freedom Indices gives you monthly updates for UK indices, the SIX Nordic Indices gives you real time updates on the Nordic market.

All these indices are freely available to all our users. You could also sign up for a free trial to access these free indices.