Faster click trading tools for pros and day traders

Infront is used as a trading terminal by thousands of finance professionals and day traders around the world. In the latest version of the Infront terminal released today, we’ve made some small but significant improvements to the Infront Click Trading module to make it a faster, more powerful tool for trading volatile instruments.

Making fast trading even faster

The Infront Click Trading module is optimized for fast, one-click trading by presenting a vertical list of prices centred on the current bid/ask levels. In Infront 6.2, we’ve made it even faster.

Check out the video for an overview, or read further for details.

Click. Trade. Faster.

  • Infront 6.2 adds the following new features and improvements:

  • Keep the last trade price centred in the ladder with Centre View

  • Follow volatile instruments with faster auto-scrolling speed

  • Add open volumes in a new field

  • Get an overview of prices across venues with consolidated view

  • Turn an order between buy and sell with order turning button

  • Customize which buttons to show in the Click Trading Window

Upgrade to Infront 6 now

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to Infront 6, wait no longer. Infront 6 is where all the innovation happens from here on in. Make sure you get all the new features and improvements by getting onto the latest version.

Most users can upgrade from directly within the terminal, or by downloading the latest software from our website. If you aren’t able to update software on your own workstation, contact Infront Support and we will work with your IT department to help you upgrade.