3 tips to speed up your Infront terminal for trading

If you’re trading with your Infront terminal, speed is king. That extra second it takes you to search for a symbol, find a news story or scan the trade ticker can make the difference between a great trade and a missed opportunity.

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Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to optimize your Infront terminal for speed (and to make sure you stay ahead of the market).

You’ll find all the settings described below by clicking the Menu icon and choosing Tools > Preferences.

Tip 1: Optimize your searches

If you’re like most users, you typically focus on a few markets and asset classes. Find what you’re looking for faster by optimizing the Infront search tool to show only the results you’re interested in. For example:

  • Set search type to “only ticker” to search using ticker codes

  • Set search scope to “only in workspace” or “same market”

  • Exclude asset classes you’re not interested in

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Tip 2: Limit your news lookup

If you only want to see intraday news (and not historical) in a symbol overview window, you can define “Today” as your symbol news period.

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Tip 3: Use colour codes in your trade ticker

Scan the trade ticker faster with new colour coding based on hitter/taker to see whether the instrument is being bought or sold.

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Green shows offers taken, and red shows bids hit.

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You can also use this feature for the trades list in the symbol window.

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