Infront and ChartIQ partner for easy integration in Finsemble

Infront and ChartIQ partner for easy integration in Finsemble
Infront and ChartIQ have entered into a partnership to include the Infront Web Toolkit on ChartIQ’s Finsemble platform.

Finsemble is a desktop integration platform that connects applications, whether they be modern or legacy, in-house or third-party. With the Infront Web Toolkit on Finsemble, users can expand their workflow beyond their chosen Infront components to access their favorite fintech applications within the Finsemble Ecosystem.

“Infront users can now integrate multiple components and share data instantly with any other Finsemble Ecosystem application. This partnership is a great example of how interconnectedness can help robust platforms like Infront perform even better. That's our Ecosystem at its core: elevating applications for the benefit of both the vendor and the end user. “  Rob Schmidt, Finsemble Ecosystem Director

“The Finsemble and Infront partnership will give our users more choice when it comes to customizing their workflow. As we expand globally, we plan to offer our users many options to build workspaces that help them become more efficient,” said Kristian Nesbak, CEO and Co-founder of Infront.

About ChartIQ

ChartIQ provides HTML5 components and the Finsemble integration platform to banks, brokerages, trading platforms, and financial portals worldwide. Using ChartIQ technology, large organizations are able to assemble and integrate different types of applications in hours instead of months. ChartIQ establishes a cohesive desktop out of the box and provides production-ready solutions that clear a path to faster deployments and better-looking products.