Which installer should I choose - EXE or MSI?

The Infront Professional Terminal provide two different installers, the EXE installer and the MSI installer.


EXE: This is the installer used by most users – who want to install the Infront Professional Terminal on their own computer. The user does not need to be an administrator in order to install the software.


The EXE installer can be found here.


MSI: The MSI installer is only available for download from the web. This is not an installer that normal users should use (although it does no harm). It is meant for IT Administrators that need to ”roll-out” the terminal to all their users on a local network. When the MSI installer is run, it appears to do nothing. But it unpacks the (.exe) installer and registers a task that runs it next time any normal user logs on to the machine. Then the (.exe) installer runs, installs as normal and runs the Infront Professional terminal.


The MSI installer can be found here.