How do I integrate RSS (XML) news and research in the Infront terminal?

The Infront Professional Terminal can display news, research and other important sources from RSS/XML files. To make a news feed available, the format should follow the format shown in the following example:


The basics

  • RSS 1.0 or RSS 2.0 is recommended, however any XML format is supported.
  • Each news item must contain at least: timestamp (date + time), title and URL.
  • Infront supports text in lieu of URL, industries, categories and topic.
  • Find out more about XML from

Mapping of news to symbols:

A news story can be mapped to a symbol using the ISIN or ticker plus the exchange identifier (if applicable). When linking a news story to a ticker code, be sure to use the same symbol as listed by the exchange.  Infront automatically matches the exchange ticker to the underlying feed.


Location of XML file:

The XML file containing the news must be put in a place on the Internet available to Infront, specified through a URL. Once initial setup is complete, the URL must not change, as this is a one-time configuration in our system.


Verifying your XML file:

An easy way to verify that an XML file is valid is by opening it in Internet Explorer. For example, opening the following file in Internet Explorer should cause it to complain about invalid XML format:

Invalid XML Example