Price List

General Information

Infront provides monthly subscription-based services that can be customized based on needs. Add modules, professional news, real-time markets and other 3rd party services on the initial order or add it later from the MyProfile service in the terminal. Subscription fees depends on whether you are a private or professional investor. Please make sure to classify your subscription correctly.

All Infront fees and prices are per user per month excluding VAT. Prices includes Exchange Fees unless they are marked with *. On the prices marked with * please go to the page listing exchange fees to find the additional cost. 

Exchange fees for private investorsExchange fees for professional investors

Please note that Level 2 and TotalView data services includes Level 1 data. Services marked with ** required you to accept a click-on agreement in MyProfile in the terminal. Services marked with *** below require that your company sign a direct user agreement. These sources will invoice exchange fees directly. Please read the separate section for a full listing of exchanges requiring separate agreements.

Changes to pricing, exchange fees and packaging are announced on the Infront web site.