News article Monday May 10, 2021

Infront Mutual Funds is now available in the Infront Professional Terminal

Desktop Example

Leveraging on Infront’s industry network, scale and market reach, we are pleased to introduce Infront Mutual Funds, now available to all clients of our Infront Professional Terminal.

As a part of Infront’s growth, an important step has been the building independent content. Based on both strong relationships and technical infrastructure, we now provide direct contribution from fund managers, in one consolidated universe, on one attractive platform with powerful reach for both buy and sell side.

The Infront Mutual Funds holds more than 125 000 funds across European markets including NAV prices, historic data, dividends, respective dividend policy, ongoing charges and risk levels to name a few fields in this comprehensive data set. 

Features include a powerful Fund Screener enabling you to identify funds to your specific preference or mandate based on issuer, specific holdings, fund type and exposure, risk levels and more. Moreover the Fund Overview provides details of the individual funds performance and risk metrics along with Assets under Management and Investment Mandate.

For an optimized workflow, historic performance can be compared and viewed directly in the integrated chart and KIID documents are easily available.

The Infront Mutual Funds dataset may also be structured as columns in a watchlist allowing for a tailored view, sorting and ranking of funds, all fully exportable to Excel.

The dataset is applicable to all general terminal features and seamlessly integrates with your familiar setup adding even more content and value to our Professional Terminal.

Here you can find an example desktop.

Fund Screener:

Individual Fund Overview:

Access from magnifying glass in the search top left corner:

Or from the main menu under “Tools”:

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