News article Wednesday Jan 23, 2019

Inderes research reports now in the Infront Professional Terminal

A new source of market data with a focus on the Finnish equity market has been added to the broad coverage in the Infront Professional Terminal.

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Research reports from Inderes, the leading Finnish analyst, offer high-quality analysis on over 100 companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, making it easy to keep on top of changes in the Helsinki stock market.

In the Infront Professional Terminal, the Inderes research reports are linked to the corresponding companies in your portfolios and views, so you can find the information you need, when you need it. You can create alerts in the Infront Professional Terminal which will notify you when new research is published relating to companies you are following.

For more information please contact:

Infront Finland Oy, Kim Wistbacka, +358 (0)40 352 4687

Inderes Oy,  Erno Hilvenius, +358 (0) 40 703 8296

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