News article Wednesday Sep 2, 2020

Grunt PowerPoint plugin now in Infront

For investor relations and corporate finance professionals, analysts, and wealth managers alike, being able to present data and reports is an essential part of the job. But creating professional slides with relevant graphs and tables takes time and effort.

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To address this challenge, Infront has partnered with Grunt to offer the Grunt PowerPoint presentation tool as an add-in to the Infront Professional Terminal. By linking to Infront Excel reports, the Grunt add-in can access the Infront data. A fast and reliable data connection and ready-made, customizable templates make it easy to visualize data from the terminal.

With automatic updates, formatting and layout, Grunt reduces the risk of mistakes while creating recurring presentations, all with minimal effort. The add-in includes a wide variety of visualization options and features a rule-based design approach that ensures compliance with each company’s own style guide.

The Grunt presentation tool can be used to visualize any type of data including the Infront time series via RTD, Infront snapshot data via RTD, and Infront data via the Excel plugin.

The Grunt feature is available in the Infront Professional Terminal and can be accessed under New Services in MyProfile. Terminal users can test the add-in free of charge for seven days.

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By Meredith Sledd Lindquist