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What´s new?

17.11.2021 - With the Infront Web Toolkit you can deliver multi-asset global market data and electronic trading services to your retail and private investor clients in your existing infrastructure and increase your order flow.

In June we released verison 1.3 of the Infront Web Toolkit SDK. Since the initial release last fall, the SDK has quickly become a developer favorite both for internal and external projects, and we are continously at work adding and improving features. The SDK uses our powerful front-end JavaScript API to connect directly to our market data and trading servers. Using the SDK instead of or in addition to widgets gives developers full flexibility when implementing Web Toolkit.

Together with the SDK version 1.3 we also launched our new Web Toolkit Documentation site, that features full widget and SDK documentation, tools for finding the data you are looking for and a fully featured sandbox where your can tinker with ready made code examples or create your own. The Sandbox also lets you categorize, save and share your code snippets.

The WTK Docsite is available at Web Toolkit docs (login required). If you are interested in testing this service please contact your account representative.