Infront Web Trader 4.0.6

New features

  • Faster loading screen

Improvements to existing features

  • Market lists should by default collapse on Search
  • Order entry rescale (made bigger) to fit all instruments
  • Algo IDs for Stop loss orders made wider to show all info
  • xtended notification duration to make sure notifications does not disappear
  • White theme flash news repating icon bug
  • Put/call widget – Color marking to be disabled for forward contracts
  • Instrument type colour is missing in dark theme
  • Exchange code missing from Market lists (example OSS, SSE)
  • Styling issues for IE custom column chooser + watchlist
  • Issue with custom desktops not showing up in IE
  • Flash News have repeating header icons
  • Trading – Show Trading service in header of Order Entry window
  • Trading – Gross price should not show any decimals
  • Trading – Validity date to update when you change validity date
  • Trading – Not able to re-activate an order
  • Trading – Order entry required fields are not bordered red
  • Trading – Portfolio pie chart resized too small when going from main menu
  • Trading – Logout button does not promt logout
  • Trading – Refresh of website disconnects trading
  • Trading – Trading error events does not show up
  • Trading – Trading error messages does not show up as alerts