Infront 8.2.121

New features

  • List of Portfolios: Add command to delete selected portfolio
  • New Order: Copy default value from Custom fields to same-named Algo fields
  • Trading: New Net Trades columns: %PotentialRealizedResult, %RealizedResult and %UnrealizedResult

Improvements to existing features

  • Charts: Curve chart should only be enabled when multiple symbols are selected
  • Charts: AV when drawing marks
  • Symbol Trades: Misc column width adjustments
  • Symbol Trades, Venues & Categories: Total value should be default, skinning issue
  • Symbol Overview: "Set custom tick-size"-option should only be visible in Orderbook page
  • Portfolio Tracker: New default columns layout
  • Portfolio Tracker: Diff in geographical allocation return
  • Portfolio Tracker: Lock a column, not stored after save → restart [#49932]
  • Portfolio Tracker: Locked column is not painted properly (grouping lines)
  • Portfolio Tracker: Hint for yesterday’s currency rate shows no decimals
  • Market Window: Limit setting Fixed columns to where it makes sense
  • Searching: Mid-word search matches should only be applied to symbol searches
  • Searching: Typing "Support" in search bar should be extended
  • Click-Trader: Support default volume (global setting), off by default
  • Trading: Trying to export delta trades: RecordIndex out of range.
  • Orderbook: Scrollbar skinning issue after switching from FX view to normal orderbook
  • Quick Settings: Improve size and position of restart-info label
  • News List: Show but not focus Story window, when window is linked
  • Shared window: Should open centered in the main window/monitor
  • Caption Edit menu: Remove Icons
  • GDPR: Remove "personal data" from and explain usage
  • Signals: Widget created from watch list is empty
  • Option calculation setup: future dividends not stored