Infront 6.4.20

New features

  • Auction charts for selected markets (Events | Show Auction in chart)
  • Custom List currency conversion now also applies to historical performance columns
  • Reduce number of requests for mixed news windows
  • Add support for Display Large in Scale (LIS) Volume column and in Symbol Details
  • Bond Overview - Manual field for Issue date

Improvements to existing features

  • Fast CandleStick charts should be off by default
  • Chart: currency conversion creates a spike on realtime update
  • Not enough contrast between default graph color and auction graph color
  • Portfolio View - histacc columns should be currency with historical date (Fixed Decimals and improved CCY conversion)
  • Chart: benchmark compare with currency conversion shows wrong label
  • Yield Chart: gridline settings mixed up
  • Chart - Do not show negative volumes in volume
  • Make it possible to insert volume study even if the symbol has no volume