Press release Tuesday Dec 29, 2020

James Sharp goes live with Infront market data terminal and RSP Service

Infront, the European leader for flexible financial market data solutions, announced today that James Sharp & Co, an independent stockbroking firm and a member of the London Stock Exchange, has successfully replaced existing their market data system with the Infront Professional Terminal and RSP Service.

James Sharp With Frame

James Sharp chose the Infront Professional Terminal for its renowned user interface, due to its high responsiveness and the ability to access extensive data quickly.  The flexibility of the modular system catering to those who require further investment analysis tools is an additional benefit.

With the Infront Professional Terminal, James Sharp's trading team now has access to more analytical information than with previous systems. The terminal includes a powerful charting package with the ability to export data at ease. Overall, users appreciate the modern intuitive interface and its quick response times.

“It was important for us to get an improved Market Data solution with access to analytical and statistical data. With the Infront Professional Terminal and RSP trading services our trading team is now able to manage client portfolios to review live pricing, historical pricing and charting. Furthermore, a big advantage is the access to GRPV and the analytics package. We can better serve our customers by sending them overviews of their stock performance and news. A great help for our trading team is the ability to easily share windows, desktops and watchlists. We particularly appreciated the quick and easy set-up, seamlessly installed and ready for use even from home," emphasizes, Martin Entwistle, Partner, James Sharp.

“We are proud that we managed to implement the solution in under four weeks despite Covid restrictions. We look forward to supporting James Sharp in future projects”, says Ken Reggio, Head of Sales UK at Infront.

By Infront Market updates