News article Thursday Feb 6, 2020

Infront Professional Terminal is hub in Lannebo's automated funds workflow

Lannebo is automating its workflow from market data, news and analytics to order and portfolio management through to real-time risk and compliance, using the Infront Professional Terminal to bring the entire process together.

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Lannebo, an independent Swedish fund management company with 83 billion SEK under management, has chosen to work with Infront’s fast and flexible terminal as the central tool for their fund managers. Through an integration with order management, portfolio management, risk and compliance solutions provided by Limina, the Infront Professional Terminal puts the fund managers’ complete workflow at their fingertips. The Limina data is uploaded into the Infront Portfolio Tracker for a real-time view of positions and actual holdings, which they previously could see only as end-of-day data.

By automating their workflow, Lannebo’s fund managers get immediate access to key data for smart investment decisions and swift execution. Reporting to back-office is also fully automated, freeing up the fund managers’ time to focus on their investments, and minimizing operational risk at the same time.

By Meredith Sledd Lindquist