News article Tuesday Sep 22, 2020

Changes to Oslo Stock Exchange market data and services

Oslo Stock Exchange will change to the new Optiq trading system from Euronext starting for Cash products on the 9th of November, followed by Derivatives and Fixed Income on the 30th of November.

Oslo stock exchange  - Istock 655776302

Read more about details and dates here 

Related to this upgrade, all indices on the Oslo Stock Exchange will change from the 9th of November with new instrument codes and names. The new indices will be calculated by Euronext and use the FTSE ICB sector classification. All index constituents and weights will at the same time be changed. Details are not finalized but Infront will publish updates on the Service Changes section soon. For our customers, this means that all layouts and lists must be updated accordingly.

From the 1st of January 2021, all Oslo Stock Exchange market data products will change to follow the Euronext structure meaning changes for both professional and private investors. More information can be found on Service Changes section.

Please note - if you would like to have access to Index weights after the 9th of November, a direct agreement with Euronext is required.


By Meredith Sledd Lindquist