Infront Web Trader

What's new?

Updates on developments in the Infront Web Trader

Version 8.6


Improved design and interface

We have created a new design to tidy up our toolbars and make it easier to interact with the chart:

  • New toolbar: We have merged our "summary-bar" and "toolbar" to one, and replaced text with icons.
  • Price line: visually indicate the current price level.
  • Hover data: When cursor is ON, a data-table is displayed for selected date.
  • Hover price: Price level on right-axis on hover
  • Volume bars: are displayed in background as a visual indicator

All these elements are now part of default template.

New pop-up dialogues

We have designed new pop-up dialogues to make the navigation simpler:

  • Settings: All settings are gathered in one place. With preview mode you can see the changes instantly.
  • Add Compare: Simplified naming of studies and a new view to add new comparison studies and ability to select axis.
  • Add Study: Simplified the view to give a better overview.