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We have collected the frequently recurring questions for you and arranged them here in focus. If this information doesn't already help you, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team.


Please contact the Infront Support team.

If you have issues with data loading really slowly or data not populating at all you might have an issue with either your firewall (if you are working in a corporate environment) or your antivirus program (on a home machine).

If the firewall and antivirus program is very strict it will try to inspect the connection Web Trader have to our servers (where data is fetched from). The data transfer protocol is secure web sockets (wss). The firewall and antivirus program will try to inspect each web socket package to see if there is any malicious data and this can cause the data transfer to either not come through at all or to be very slow.


  • Slow downloading of data (slow widgets)
  • Partly downloaded market data/Slow download.
  • Problems connected to the portfolio
  • General slowness

The workaround is to ask your IT administrator to whitelist the following domain: *

The * before the domain means that it is a wildcard whitelist. Meaning that all traffic sent on will be whitelisted. This is the domain that market data is sent through. 

For antivirus providers you will need to whitelist the same domain. However, many antivirus providers have already been contacted by us and whitelisted our domain in their global database. 


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