Infront Web Admin

Get full access to end user data

Access Infront Web Admin via the login button.

Infront entitlements system

The Infront entitlements system gives you full control over end-user access to market data via a web-based solution called Infront Web Admin. The easy-to-use web interface lets you add end-users or change market data accesses with a few clicks.


Effective cost management solution

The solution helps you effectively manage market data costs:

  • Search users, packages and more for a quick overview
  • Drill down into detailed user data with a click
  • Export search results to Excel
  • Use extensive, ready-made XML reports on costs per market/user and package
  • Export reports to Excel or integrate with market data management systems like INFOmatch


Manage proprietary content and user alerts

  • Push time-critical alerts to your end-users in the Infront terminal
  • Control access to your in-house data