Infront 8.2.115

New features

  • Troubleshooting: Allow locking a PID/SID to a specific IP host
  • Return histogram in the Portfolio Tracker
  • Discover menu reorganization
  • Risk return chart as standalone window

Improvements to existing features

  • Symbol Brokers: Should support double-click on splitter to close it [#44672]
  • Linking: Opening linked shared window, gets non-existing symbol
  • Chart: introduce "compare to" coloring choice for Heikin-Ashi [#50144]
  • Chart: Remove auto-setting of Start/End time filter
  • CEF Browser: Browser windows in non-used desktop pages not closed properly
  • Other holdings feed: Fixed spelling
  • Return Histogram: The normal curve does not rescale
  • Return Histogram: Step size: Does not work
  • Field Mapping in Swaptions Matrix: add normal volatility
  • Portfolio Tracker: Currency rate update issues
  • CET daylight savings adjustment logic