Infront 8.0.826

New features

  • Portfolio Tracker: Add filtering by asset class for backtest
  • Portfolio Tracker: Edit Private Equity, Real Estate, and Other positions
  • Chart Annotations: "Do not show this message again"
  • Morninstar data: New ASISA market column

Improvements to existing features

  • Watchlist: Make it easy to hide Events and News by double-clicking horizontal splitter
  • Adjusted main menu to become more consistent
  • Remove 'back'-item in workspace menu
  • MyProfile login: HTTP encode username and password parameters
  • New Order: Default portfolio/broker should be per provider
  • Portfolio Tracker: Signals widget: missing lines
  • Portfolio Tracker: Don't show message "Benchmark Missing" while the data are being fetched and calculated
  • Portfolio Tracker: News widget not using Arial