Infront 7.1.208

New features

  • Swaptions
  • Caps & Floors
  • Curve chart for swaptions
  • 3D Surface-chart for Caps & Floors
  • RTD: History by specific dates
  • New Click Trading option - Double click to place order setting
  • New Click Trading option - Scroll speed setting
  • New Click Trading option - Enable scrolling with mouse wheel
  • New Click Trading option - Setting for clearing volume and open volume and focus volume after order has been sent

Improvements to existing features

  • Surface chart: Watermark, share and store in workspace
  • Change link for Morningstar funds
  • Symbol window: Market by Level should not be visible in Hist page
  • Small bug with symbol color and add-headline in custom list
  • New order: Valid and Type combos missing bottom border
  • Custom list from Portfolio issues
  • Font size change on Custom List does not share propery with Headlines
  • Side-by-side view: Handle locked columns
  • Side-by-side view: delete column
  • Side-by-side view: Sort column
  • Side-by-side view: Configure Column
  • Side-by-side view: Handle delete from list
  • Side-by-side view: Enabled/Disabled logic (Move Up/Down)
  • Set default port with Registry-setting