Infront 7.1.110

New features

  • Enabled links to open Treasury windows in Infront terminal
  • SEB Bonds Evaluated price/yield (new market columns)
  • Added zoom to Curve Charts
  • Symbol Window: Made Original symbol clickable (example: OMXS30FUT1)
  • Trading, Portfolio: Added 10 symbol text columns (to allow grouping)

Improvements to existing features

  • Curve Chart: Extended unique identifier to Subtype
  • Added help file links for new treasury windows
  • Market Window: Grouping was not persisted properly
  • Yield chart: When deleting single instruments, deleted unrelated series
  • Bond Matrix windows: Could not scroll vertically
  • Company overview: Chart bugs, Down Arrow removed
  • Disabled all version and installer logic when running from ProgramFiles
  • Fixed theme Issues with chart template files
  • Changed historical templates to use Last Year to Date
  • Compare line only worked sometimes
  • Company overview: Fixed chart bugs
  • Light theme, improved benchmark compare colouring
  • Search: CTRL-F was stuck in symbol search field after clicking on corner
  • Bond Matrix: Did not always load from workspace
  • Orderbook RTD links: Did not subscribe correctly
  • Bond Matrix: Loading from workspace, connect properly to feed