Infront Desktop API for R


Data and knowledge is the raw material of Financial Markets. Naturally, the financial industry is quickly merging their traditional techniques with Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and other quantitative methods.

At Infront we strive to deliver quality tools for professionals which allow them to be at the cutting-edge of technology and ahead of the competition. With the Infront Professional terminal and its Desktop APIs, you count with all the tools necessary to let your knowledge and creativity maximize your work.

Using Infront’s destop API for R, you can conduct portfolio analyses, simulate extreme events and their effect on prices, create visualizations and indicators to better understand the market dynamics, and much more.

R, as your daily companion with your Infront Professional terminal, provides you with over 6,500 open-source packages covering thousands of use cases.

Installation of the InfrontConnect library (R)

In your console type:



The installation will include InfrontConnect as well as its dependencies.

Import the InfrontConnect library

To import the InfrontConnect library, add in your script:


Enter credentials

In your script, or console:

InfrontConnect(user = "myuser", password = "mypassword")

The user and password is the one you use to log in to the Infront terminal.


Documentation & Examples


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any recommended version of R?

For best performance, we recommend Microsoft R Open distribution.

Do I need to run the library on a specific editor?


How do I upgrade to the latest version of the Desktop API?

From version 0.0.9001 onwards, you will receive a notification every time there is a new update.

You will be asked whether you would like to upgrade, and it will auto-install the latest version.

I am having problems installing the dependencies (jsonlite, httr, plyr).

If you have problems with the automatic installation of the dependencies install them separately before installing InfrontConnect.

You can install them separately running the following command in your Console:

install.packages(c("jsonlite", "httr", "plyr"))

Historical time series request ERROR 10

The potential reasons for this error are: 1) Invalid syntax in the GetHistory() request, 2) You do not have the required access for the Desktop API for R.