BUSINESS WIRE: With 7 In 10 SMEs Wanting To Get Access To Financial Services From Non-Banking Platforms, ANEXT Bank Welcomes Three New Partners To Scale Access Through Embedded Financial Solutions


The ANEXT Programme for Industry Specialists aims to enable greater access to financial services for more than one million SMEs within the year

SINGAPORE --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 10.11.2023 --

ANEXT Bank, a digital wholesale bank incorporated in Singapore and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ant International, today reinforced their commitment to reimagine financial services for financial inclusion with the launch of its ANEXT Programme for Industry Specialists (APIs) repository. They also welcome three new platform partners onboard the programme – DeliveryChinatown, Hong Xin Da and Shopmatic. By working with these new partners, ANEXT Bank aims to make financing more accessible to more than one million regional SMEs within the year.

Access to financing amongst SMEs continues to be a key challenge for their growth and business operations. In a recent survey1, ANEXT Bank found that 84% of Singapore SMEs have plans to take up more financing in 2024, with the top three uses being to alleviate cashflow pressures from rising cost of goods, inflation and macro headwinds, digital transformation and to increase their product range and inventory. Yet, one-third of SMEs surveyed still find it difficult to get access to financing due to their business not meeting the requirements of existing financing options, lack of financing options or loan amounts not meeting their business needs.

Toh Su Mei, Chief Executive Officer, ANEXT Bank, said: “We recognise the diverse needs of SMEs and believe that the way to alleviate the various stress and spillover effect from the macro environment is to work very closely with industry partners who have a first-hand view of their customers’ pain points. Having run the ANEXT Programme for Industry Specialists for a year, we’ve been able to apply the learnings and deliver new embedded financial services solutions via our new partners. The goal is to anticipate and deliver precise support to as many SMEs across the region as possible.”

ANEXT Bank first launched the ANEXT Programme for Industry Specialists in 2022 to strengthen the overall financing ecosystem for SMEs through collaboration with industry specialists, allowing SMEs to have a one-stop access to a more comprehensive suite of services. The enhanced programme now extends beyond financing – partners are able to also avail interest-bearing offerings, for example allowing their customers to earn interest on their wallet balances, or placing fixed deposits.

Qiu Kai, Chief Technology Officer, ANEXT Bank, said: “As more industry specialists reach out to understand what our tried and tested API solutions can do for their business and their SME customers, we decided it was time to launch the APIs repository. As we work with different partners, most of whom are SMEs themselves, it was important to make it easier and quicker to offer ANEXT Bank’s financial services. As an example, our partners are able to go live two times quicker than the industry standard for a basic financing module via the programme. This open collaboration approach in turn, helps to scale SMEs’ access to financial services.”

Besides being able to avail some of ANEXT Bank’s products that are most well received in the market amongst SMEs, especially micro and growing businesses, the APIs repository also includes secure bank grade solutions like customer onboarding and authentication.

Open collaboration approach with APIs’ latest partners to serve diverse SME needs

DeliveryChinatown, is a food delivery services platform headquartered in Singapore with a presence in Southeast Asia used by over 700 restaurants and eateries in Singapore. Through the partnership, DeliveryChinatown aims to support these SMEs’ ambitions to expand their physical presence, and by way of that, expanding their business footprint and orders.

Alex Tian, CEO, DeliveryChinatown, said: “Our platform, DeliveryChinatown, supports the ordering and delivery requirements of restaurants and eateries in Southeast Asia. Our orders from our targeted segment are generally high in volume and value, and we know financing can help expand their operations. When we came across the ANEXT Programme, we knew we wanted to partner ANEXT Bank to enhance our value proposition and attract new customers by letting our customers get financing directly plus manage the loan through our platform.”

Hong Xin Da, an importer of F&B supplies with more than 4,000 supermarket and F&B buyers, noticed that their customers are splitting their orders as a way to help with cashflow management. To alleviate their customers’ stress on day-to-day operations, Hong Xin Da will offer micro loans similar to a Pay Later model via the APIs and hopes to expand regionally with this stronger proposition.

Ji Haikun, CEO, Hong Xin Da, said: “Cashflow is the lifeblood of every SME, and we want buyers on our platforms to be able to expand without feeling squeezed. This is our customers’ pain point we wanted to address with ANEXT Bank, having seen what they can do from the programme launch. We are now working together to avail financing directly at point of check out – buyers get close to 2 months to pay off the invoices at no extra cost.”

Shopmatic, a leading global e-commerce platform with more than a million users sees its merchants requiring short-term financing to kickstart their business as most are new business owners. Through the APIs, Shopmatic wants to help business owners save time and hassle by allowing them to apply for financing from as low as S$5,000, up to S$300,000, directly within the Shopmatic platform.

On this partnership, Nicole Poon, Chief Operating Officer, Shopmatic, said: “At Shopmatic, we recognise the unique financial challenges that emerging businesses face. By teaming up with ANEXT Bank who shares the same innovative DNA and goals of enabling SMEs’ growth, we’re taking a significant step towards making sophisticated financial solutions more straightforward and accessible directly on Shopmatic Pay. Our merchants on the Shopmatic platform now get to access funds easily for setting up their business, managing inventory re-orders and running marketing campaigns to grow their online business. Our goal is to ensure that every business, regardless of its size, has the resources it needs to thrive and flourish in the ever-evolving competitive e-commerce landscape.”

ANEXT Bank continues to address underserved SME financing needs2

Since its launch in June 2022, ANEXT Bank had set out to make financial services accessible and effortless for SMEs, especially for micro and growing businesses. The bank is staying true to its mission and its customer base is reflective of its efforts:

  • Being the first to launch remote onboarding for SMEs which enables the bank to better support regional SMEs – to date, the bank counts 31% of its customers as Foreign Business Owners, made up of 44 different nationalities.
  • Serving the underserved with 68% of the bank’s customers being micro SMEs (MSMEs), while 38% have been incorporated for less than two years.
  • Easy access to financing with loans starting as low as S$5,000 - 56% of ANEXT Business Loan customers are MSMEs.
  • Supporting SMEs’ internationalisation, ANEXT Bank saw an average 40% month-on-month increase in cross-border transactions.

The ANEXT Programme for Industry Specialists welcomes more like-minded partners, including e-commerce solution providers, delivery and services platforms, trade and procurement platforms, and payment services platforms to collectively reimagine financial services for SMEs to enable their growth. SMEs can also nominate platforms that they are doing business on to partner with ANEXT Bank. Find out more here:

About ANEXT Bank
Incorporated in Singapore, ANEXT Bank is one of the two successful applicants to receive the digital wholesale banking licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and focuses on providing innovative and secure digital financial services to local and regional micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to aid their growth and global expansion.

Through continuous technology-driven innovation, ANEXT Bank is dedicated to accelerating fintech development and financial inclusion in Singapore and the region. Adopting an open and collaborative approach, ANEXT Bank believes in joining hands with industry partners and public sector agencies to provide SMEs with financial services that are simpler, safer and more rewarding.

ANEXT Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ant International.

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About DeliveryChinatown
DeliveryChinatown leads in empowering restaurant owners through advanced technology, efficient supply chain, and financial services. We've significantly grown in the overseas Chinese restaurant sector, now supporting over 3600 merchants in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, serving more than 500,000 Chinese food enthusiasts.

Our technology-driven platform is tailored for the overseas Chinese community, using data analysis to effectively connect merchants with consumers and enhance the service experience. Our tools and strategies help Chinese F&B owners effortlessly expand their businesses abroad, integrating into local markets while enhancing service quality with e-tools, e-financing, and other innovative technologies. This unique blend of technology and expertise ensures a seamless integration of overseas Chinese into the local lifestyle.

About Hong Xin Da
Hong Xin Da is the leading supply chain organisation helping overseas companies grow their business in Singapore. We offer companies tailor-made solutions along the entire value chain to support them in successfully achieving their objectives. Our customers can leverage Hong Xin Da's capillary distribution network, deep local market know-how and expertise, as well as our extensive supply chain network to expand and grow their business.

About Shopmatic
Shopmatic, a matchmove Group company, is a leading global e-commerce platform that empowers merchants to build and grow their businesses online. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, Shopmatic offers an intuitive platform allowing merchants to create their online stores and sell their products and services to customers worldwide. Powered by matchmove and available as both digital and physical cards, Shopmatic Pay enables merchants to transact with businesses that accept Mastercard payments.

1 Survey commissioned by ANEXT Bank carried out by YouGov Singapore Pte. Limited with 202 Singapore SMEs in Oct 2023
2 Data by ANEXT Bank as of Oct 2023

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