BUSINESS WIRE: Netnod bolsters Sweden’s national timing infrastructure with Adtran Oscilloquartz optical cesium clocks


News summary:

  • Sweden’s critical national infrastructure, including finance and 5G networks, requires unprecedented timing accuracy and reliability
  • Netnod is harnessing the coreSync OSA 3300-HP for high-performance applications to boost precision, stability and longevity of timing services
  • Market-first optical cesium clock solution ensures timing service resiliency, a future-ready digital ecosystem and helps drive Sweden’s economic growth

STOCKHOLM --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 11.03.2024 --

Adtran today announced that Netnod is leveraging its optical pumping cesium atomic clock technology to bring precise, reliable and assured timing to Sweden’s critical national infrastructure. Protecting the country’s timing services is vital for the nation’s economy, encompassing finance, digital services and next-generation telecoms networks, such as 5G. By upgrading its timing network with the coreSync OSA 3300-HP, Netnod, the leading provider of internet exchange, DNS and time services in the Nordics, is enhancing the accuracy, stability and longevity of synchronization services across the region. The solution meets the need for precise timing, supporting the smooth operation and evolution of digital applications and services. It represents a significant advancement in timing that enhances Sweden’s position in digital innovation and cybersecurity.

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“At Netnod, we’re committed to providing the market’s most advanced and reliable timing solutions. Our new Time Direct and Remote services, built on the latest timing standards and security protocols, underscore our leadership in this domain. The deployment of Adtran’s coreSync OSA 3300-HP is key for providing reliable, continuous timing for Sweden’s critical infrastructure. It enhances our NTP/PTP services and strengthens Sweden’s digital backbone for essential sectors, including 5G. It also provides the country with the benefits of highly precise synchronization resilient against GNSS vulnerabilities and enables us to deliver more valuable SLAs for our customers,” said Karin Ahl, CEO of Netnod. “This upgrade is about securing the digital backbone of our nation against GNSS cyber threats, generating economic growth and reinforcing our commitment to maintaining Sweden as a leader in digital innovation and infrastructure resilience.”

Netnod is integrating Oscilloquartz super ePRC technology across six key timing centers nationwide, including the coreSync OSA 3300-HP, for unprecedented reliability and accuracy. The upgrade is particularly crucial for timing service assurance within a secure environment. Given the increasing vulnerabilities of GNSS, the optically pumped cesium technology offers a highly stable and accurate alternative timing source. The coreSync OSA 3300-HP sets new standards with its higher frequency stability and lifespan that is twice as long as traditional magnetic clocks. Its robust design is complemented by a user-friendly LCD touchscreen and Ethernet connectivity, facilitating both local and remote configuration and management. This blend of advanced features enhances time synchronization across Sweden and prepares the nation’s infrastructure for future challenges.

“Netnod is a major hub for ICT and multimedia, serving as the gateway to the Nordics’ global digital arena. Leveraging our coreSync OSA 3300, it’s fortifying Sweden’s critical national infrastructure, ensuring seamless operations and growth for internet service providers, content delivery networks and businesses in one of Europe’s most dynamic digital markets,” commented Stuart Broome, GM of EMEA sales at Adtran. “With our technology, Netnod can utilize multiple timing sources, enabling a zero-trust environment for clients in next-gen telecoms, finance, utilities, broadcast and beyond. This will help equip enterprises and institutions across the region with top-tier internet speed, resilience and connectivity and solidify Netnod’s position as the digital cornerstone of the Nordics.”

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