BUSINESS WIRE: GlobalPlatform to Explore Digital Identity & eID Wallet Security in Brussels


Experts from ENISA, BSI, Thales and Deutsche Telekom and many more to deliver insight into the future of secure digital identity

BRUSSELS --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 06.04.2023 --

GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, will host an eID Wallet seminar on April 26 in Brussels, to demonstrate the importance of high security for eID schemes and how to future-proof eID wallet deployments.

“The European Commission and its eIDAS expert group are driving new regulation on digital identity wallets,” comments Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, GlobalPlatform’s Executive Director. “Each of the 27 member states will have to issue a digital identity wallet via a scheme recognized and accepted by the other member states. This requires solutions that are built on common technical standards to ensure security, interoperability and trust.”

Aimed at European regulators, government representatives and all stakeholders involved in the deployment and issuing of eID schemes in the EU, GlobalPlatform’s full-day seminar will include different perspectives from various stakeholders, including:

- Future-proofing digital identity in Europe with security, trust and interoperability;

- Different technical deployment models for eID wallets available today;

- Using the SIM for eID wallets and the future Secure Application on Mobile (SAM) model;

- Future outlook and benefits of certification for eID wallets.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform’s Chief Technology Officer, adds: “People involved in the development, deployment and regulation of national eID solutions can dig deeper into the different ways of achieving high-level security using secure elements already available in most smartphones, as well as the many deployment models for digital identity.

“National eID wallet schemes will provide citizens throughout Europe with a secure and convenient way to prove their identities. We are looking forward to hearing from industry leaders from across Europe about the different ways eID schemes can be deployed quickly with high security and using existing technologies and standards.”

Sponsored by Thales and Infineon, the eID Wallet Seminar takes place on April 26 at the Thon Hotel EU in Brussels, from 9am-5pm CET, and includes keynote presentations from ENISA and Thales, and participation from experts such as Secure Identity Alliance, BSI, Eurosmart, BankID, European Payments Initiative and Deutsche Telekom Security. Register here.

GlobalPlatform is also offering a full-day training session on April 25 for government representatives, policy makers and companies involved in the eID ecosystem to learn about Secure Element technologies and how they can support eID.

Read GlobalPlatform’s eID white paper to explore how GlobalPlatform technologies can support security requirements and architecture for The European Union Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet.


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