BUSINESS WIRE: Galderma Launches ‘NEXT’, a Ground-Breaking Trend Report That Unveils the Future of Aesthetics


  • “NEXT by Galderma” is a ground-breaking trend report based on a year of comprehensive research and collaboration with leading minds from the aesthetics community.
  • The report, commissioned by Galderma, utilizes input from prominent healthcare professionals and expert influencers in the aesthetics space and is supported by extensive data and analysis.
  • This forward-looking research identifies six key trends that are anticipated to drive demand and shape the future of aesthetics in the coming years.

ZUG, Switzerland --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 07.02.2024 --

Galderma, the emerging pure-play dermatology category leader, is proud to present “NEXT by Galderma.” A ground-breaking report, NEXT takes a deep-dive into the global aesthetics trends set to shape 2024 and beyond. This project is the culmination of a year of comprehensive trend-forecasting research, conducted in collaboration with a network of renowned experts.

Aesthetics is increasingly becoming part of holistic beauty and well-being routines, which are, in turn, driving the category’s projected growth. By 2028, the aesthetics market is predicted to nearly double in value, reaching $25.9 billion.1

NEXT by Galderma offers a future-forward perspective on the aesthetics industry. The report identifies six key emerging trends, bolstered by three core macro movements that are supporting industry growth. These six key trends have the potential to shape the aesthetics landscape and become mainstream in the future. The report takes an in-depth look at these trends from a neutral standpoint, as well as at the societal and cultural aspects underpinning the evolution of the aesthetics industry.

Commissioned by Galderma and based on research from a leading trend-forecasting authority, the report is informed by extensive data and analysis. NEXT by Galderma was co-developed by a network of almost 40 of the world’s leading healthcare professionals and esteemed beauty and skincare influencers.


“In partnership with a renowned trend-forecasting agency, and in collaboration with revered healthcare professionals and influencers, we’ve identified six trends poised to shape the future of aesthetics. The trends that we see emerging now have the potential to become bigger and impact consumer decisions regarding their beauty and skincare choices. At Galderma, everything we do in the world of aesthetics is a manifestation of our belief in “Aesthetic Possibilities, Shaped Together.” It’s a new, more collaborative and future-facing approach that is at the core of NEXT by Galderma.”






NEXT by Galderma: The six trends that are anticipated to shape consumer demand in aesthetics

  1. Proactive Beauty: Addressing aging before it is apparent has become paramount. The rise of “prejuvenation” treatments, which focus on prevention rather than cure, reflects today’s zeitgeist. For aesthetics, this means an increased shift toward early intervention.
  2. Mindful Aesthetics: The ethos of mindful beauty has reached the aesthetics market. Consumers are increasingly embracing products with minimal environmental impact that align with their ethical values and provide natural-looking results. Additionally, there is demand for products that seamlessly integrate with the body, indicating a push-back against artifice.
  3. Fast Aesthetics: That trends in fashion and cosmetics come and go is nothing new. But the addition of aesthetics treatments into the mix is a more recent—and noteworthy—development. More and more people now want to use aesthetics to mimic the latest fast-moving trends.
  4. Beauty Fandom: There is a new and more extreme take on fandom at play in the aesthetics world today. This trend indulges in fascination with niche idolization—from cultural icons to digital filters, anime, and beyond—which is leading to a desire for metamorphosis.
  5. Expressionality: There is greater interplay between a sense of self and self-expression. We live in an era that encourages individuality in fashion, styling, hair, makeup and, now, aesthetic treatments. This trend celebrates the empowerment that comes from creating and enhancing one’s identity with aesthetics.
  6. Cancelling Age: Beauty today is for every age, at any age. We are cancelling expectations of what certain ages “should look like,” as consumers employ aesthetics to express their ageless attitude. This trend shows how the evolving desire to not be defined by our age is increasing demand to preserve and enhance beauty, rather than solely reverse aging.

The six trends are underpinned by three macro movements:

  1. Increasing accessibility: More convenient, more affordable, more inclusive. The exponential rise of minimally invasive treatments, as well as increased access to treatments via new clinic locations and treatment options, are factors that have reshaped the beauty industry. The desire for inclusivity has had a major impact on the world of aesthetics at large.
  2. Advancements in science and technology: The rise of aesthetic tech, new product innovations and improvements on existing products have expanded not only the variety of treatment options available, but also their appeal.
  3. Social community: Social media has heightened consumer awareness and understanding around aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic practitioners are using social media to garner sizeable followings, highlighting that the world of aesthetics has a far-reaching platform of increasing influence.

As Galderma continues to navigate what lies ahead, driven by “Aesthetic Possibilities, Shaped Together,” there remains a firm focus on advancing dermatology for every skin story. The skin we’re in shapes our lives. That’s why Galderma’s unparalleled portfolio—along with our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies, medical education, thought leadership and training—is essential to shaping the future of aesthetics.

To view the abridged version of the NEXT by Galderma report, click here.

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  1. Markets and Markets (2022): Medical Aesthetics Market - Global Forecast to 2027. Hadapsar: Markets and Markets, pp. 1–257. Available at:

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