BUSINESS WIRE: Elicit Plant Breakthrough: First European Registration Obtained for Innovative and Sustainable Agri-Biotech Solution Mitigating Climate Change Impacts


MOULINS-SUR-TARDOIRE, France --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 16.11.2023 --

Elicit Plant, pioneering French agri-biotech startup with a rapidly growing presence in Europe, Brazil, Ukraine, today announces that it has received European registration for its EliTerra® technology-driven products. Under the European Regulation 1009-2019, Elicit Plant has been granted market authorization to commercialize two new products in the EU27 countries.

This marks a significant milestone in the company's development, as it unlocks major markets for cereals, and sunflower, complementing its successful first product launch of Best-A, controlling drought stress in Maize. Altogether, these three crops represent a substantial potential area of 48 million hectares, now accessible for Elicit Plant's unique and innovative drought stress mitigation products. Three different products will be available in the 27 EU countries: Best-a for corn, EliGrain-a for straw cereals, and EliSun-a for sunflower. All have validated significant yield increases under drought conditions, thereby supporting farm economy and helping to mitigate the overarching risks associated with climate change.

'Water scarcity on plants is an immediate consequence of the climate change occurring today which is having a direct impact on growers' incomes. Best-a, EliSun-a, and EliGrain-a are three uniquely effective solutions for reducing water stress in broad-acre crops and maintaining yields during climatic uncertainties. We are therefore very pleased to see our solutions now accessible to a greater number of farmers across Europe and thus permitting them to maintain income levels despite climate change' emphasizes Jean-François Déchant, co-founder and CEO of Elicit Plant.

The performance delivered by these three products demonstrates average yield gains of over 10%, with additional yields beyond two tons in optimal conditions. The mode of action of each product ensures consistent and unique performance in the broad-acre crops.

ELICIT PLANT is an agri-biotech company with the ambition to become a leader in the ecological transition for agriculture and to address the global challenges posed by climate change on large-scale crops. Its proprietary technology, EliTerra®, is based on the exogenous application of phytosterols, a group of plant-derived molecules, which enhances plant stress resistance by eliciting their natural defenses. Extensive field trials - more than 500 across three continents - have proven that the biosolutions from the Eliterra® Platform are the only ones providing farmers with a regular and sufficient return on investment for use in large-scale crops, yielding an average increase in productivity of 12%. For more information:

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