BUSINESS WIRE: Arthur D. Little Joins Lunar Economic Development Organisation EURO2MOON


LONDON --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 28.09.2022 --

Arthur D. Little (ADL) today announced its membership of EURO2MOON, a non-profit organisation created to promote responsible use of the Moon’s natural resources, while accelerating the cis-lunar economy across Europe. Founded by Airbus Defence and Space, Air Liquide and ispace Europe, EURO2MOON will now benefit from ADL’s extensive experience and expertise in space technology development, which stretches back to the Apollo missions of the 1960s.

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The aim of EURO2MOON is to position Europe as taking a leading role in the development of the cis-lunar economy, creating a strong industrial ecosystem based on an ambitious “In Situ Resources Utilisation” (ISRU) vision. It will focus on the exploration of the lunar surface and the utilisation of its resources in a commercial but sustainable way. Topics to be addressed include long duration transport, life support, and energy needs for scientific and commercial applications.

ADL worked with NASA during the planning and execution of its missions to the Moon. Today, only one experiment from the Apollo 11 landing remains active and functioning – the Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector (LRRR) experiment, which ADL played a key role in developing. The LRRR’s precise measurement of Earth-Moon distances has significantly improved understanding of both terrestrial and lunar physics.

ADL has been closely involved in the commercial development of the space sector ever since, and is currently conducting a major study of future satellite applications for the European Space Agency (ESA).

Based in Luxembourg, EURO2MOON’s ultimate objective is to build a platform that supports a common industrial vision and promote it among the European industrial and institutional ecosystems, including recommendations on global roadmaps, demonstration concepts and commercial programs.

Matteo Ainardi, Leader of the Aerospace & Defense Global Center of Competence at Arthur D. Little, comments: “In the context of increased momentum around space exploration, and the development of the cis-lunar economy, the Moon will be a major focus over the coming decades. A shared European vision around both the responsible use of lunar resources and more sustainable delivery systems is essential. Space remains an area of international cooperation that should be encouraged, but this requires meaningful and effective collaboration between relevant parties. ADL is proud to be a member of EURO2MOON, which is committed to building a future united by the same ambition.”

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