BUSINESS WIRE: Ant Group Digital Technologies Launches Storage Engine LETUS to Provide Trusted Storage Solutions for the Digital Economy


HANGZHOU, China --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 03.11.2022 --

Ant Group Digital Technologies, a digital technology provider under Ant Group, today unveiled its blockchain storage engine “LETUS” (Log-structured Efficient Trusted Universal Storage) at the Apsara Conference 2022 in Hangzhou.

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LETUS, which was developed and designed by the AntChain team, will increase the effectiveness and lower the storage costs for blockchain networks.

Blockchain is a distributed peer-to-peer network, with each node storing data such as blocks and states. The LETUS storage engine is deployed at each blockchain node to provide trusted storage support. At the same time, LETUS has the advantages in performance, large scale workloads handling capability, cost, and resource efficiency through Smart Thermo-control Tiering and Boundary Scan Based Batch Pruning.

“As more and more digital assets are stored on the blockchain, storage capacity and efficiency has increasing impact on the overall performance of blockchain platforms, including transaction speeds and operational costs,” said Yan Ying, Technical Director of AntChain. “Compared to current mainstream industry solutions, LETUS can improve storage throughput by 15 times, reduce latency by 90%, and save disk bandwidth and space usage by 95% and 60%, respectively.'

LETUS has already been deployed and running in Topnod, a digital collectibles platform powered by AntChain. It has helped the platform greatly improve performance and reduce storage costs by about 75%.

“For the many industries undergoing digital transformations, mutual trust between companies and customers is increasingly important. At Ant, we have been investing in research and development for blockchain and other digital technologies that help to increase both trust and security,” said Geoff Jiang, President of Digital Technology Business Group at Ant Group. “We remain focused on the technological breakthroughs that create a trusted digital network to improve industrial collaboration and allow us to use our innovative products and services to better serve the real economy.”

During the conference, Ant Group Digital Technologies also released the:

  • 4.0 version of mPaaS, its one-stop mobile development solution;
  • 2.0 version of its Morse MPC (Multi-party Computation) platform;
  • 4.0 version of SOFAStack, its cloud-native PaaS platform;
  • 4.0 version of OceanBase Community Edition, its distributed database; and
  • other security products.

In the past two years, Ant Group Digital Technologies has also released a number of blockchain-related products and solutions, including:

  • AntChain Station, the all-in-one workstation;
  • Blockchain Transmission Network (BTN), a high-speed, long-distance blockchain communication technology;
  • Module-as-a-Service (MaaS) integrated computing module for simplified blockchain deployment;
  • FAIR, the data privacy collaboration platform; and
  • T1 security chip, its self-developed blockchain-powered security chip.

Many of these cutting-edge solutions have been successfully deployed by Chery Automobile, Zhejiang Huatie Emergency Equipment Science and Technology and other industry partners.

Ant Group Digital Technologies

Ant Group Digital Technologies continues to promote the development and application of digital technology, introducing leading products like AntChain, OceanBase, SOFAStack, and mPaaS based on its expertise in blockchain, privacy computing, security technology, and distributed database. Ant Group Digital Technologies is committed to working with partners across different industries to support the small and medium-sized financial institutions in their digital transformation, enable SMEs in the service industry to operate digitally and facilitate digital collaboration across industries.

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