Infront - Important price and product update from 2020

Published date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 11:11:28 GMT
Effective Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT

Dear Customer,

Infront is creating the leading European financial services and information provider following the acquisition of vwd in Germany and Market Connect in Italy. We are now based in more than 14 countries with more than 3600 clients and appreciate your support as an Infront customer. During 2020, Infront will introduce more solutions including regulatory services, data feeds and portfolio management solutions.

Our flagship product the Infront Professional Terminal is taking a stronghold in European markets, providing a faster, smoother workflow with richer functionality and broader data coverage. To ensure that all of our customers are using the latest and best functionality as they expand into the future, Infront will continue to migrate users from their current Infront terminal edition to the Infront Professional Terminal before end of 2019, all in close cooperation with our customers. 

It is our goal to secure a smooth and reasonable transition to our new pricing structure once you start using the new Infront Professional Terminal. Therefore, we have decided to freeze the list price for the Infront Professional Terminal in 2020 for all users.

During 2019 several market data vendors have increased their fees for distribution of their data, forcing Infront to adjust some of the fees for our legacy products for the time remaining until you move to the new Infront Professional Terminal. The price adjustment is set to 5% and will impact the legacy front ends, server fees, retail solutions, news services and Market Connect services. All price adjustments will take effect on the 1st of January 2020. Any adjustments relating to exchange and third-party fees will be published on our webpage Infront Service Changes. 

We are confident that you will appreciate the extensive capabilities the Infront Professional Terminal offers. Please do not hesitate to contact your sales contact or account manager to learn more.

Thank you for continuing to be our highly valued customer.  

Kristian Nesbak 
Infront ASA