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Exchange Data

Data sets

Asset Class Code Data Depth Code
Equities EQ End-of-day E
Indices IN Delayed D
Derivatives DE Real-time level 1 RT1
Warrants WA Real-time level 2 RT2
Bonds BO Real-time full order depth RTF
Certificates CE Real-time RT
Fixed Income FI    
Funds FU    
Forex FX    
Structured Products ST    
Exchange Traded Funds ETF    
Exchange Traded Products ETP  


European Exchanges

Venue Data Depth   Asset Classes
  E D RT1 RT2 RTF    
Athens Stock Exchange         IN, EQ, ETF
BATS Europe       EQ, ETF
BATS Europe Trade Reporting (BXTR)         EQ
Bolsa di Madrid       IN, EQ, ETF
Bolsa Italiana (Milan SE)       IN, EQ, ETF, WA, BO
Borsa Istanbul         IN, EQ, ETF
Budapest Stock Exchange     IN, EQ, ETF, ST, DE, BO
Deutsche Börse – Frankfurt/Xetra     IN, EQ, ETF, WA, BO
Eurex     DE
Euronext Amsterdam   EQ, ETF, WA, BO, DE
Euronext Brussels   EQ, ETF, WA, BO, DE
Euronext Lisbon   EQ, ETF, BO, ETP, DE
Euronext Paris   EQ, ETF, BO, ETP, DE
FishPool         DE
German Regional Exchanges**         EQ, ETF, BO
ICE Futures Europe: Commodities       DE
ICE Futures Europe: Financials       DE
Ireland Stock Exchange           EQ
London Metal Exchange       DE
London Stock Exchange     EQ, BO, ETF, ETP, ST, WA
Moscow Exchange (RTS)         IN, EQ
Nasdaq Commodities Europe         CO
Nordic Derivatives Exchange         WA, CE, BO
Nordic Growth Market         EQ
Norges Fondsmeglerforbund         EQ (OTC)
Nasdaq Copenhagen   IN, EQ, ETF, BO, WA, DE
Nasdaq Helsinki   IN, EQ, ETF, BO, WA, DE
Nasdaq Iceland   EQ, BO
Nasdaq Oslo   IN, EQ, ETF
Nasdaq Riga     IN, EQ
Nasdaq Stockholm   IN, EQ, ETF, WA, CE, ST, DE, FI
Nasdaq Tallinn     IN, EQ
Nasdaq Vilinus     IN, EQ, ETF
Oslo Stock Exchange     IN, EQ, ETF, WA, BO, FU, DE
Prague Stock Exchange     EQ, BO, IN
Scoach         WA
SIX Swiss Exchange     IN, EQ, ETF, FX, BO
Boerse Stuttgart     IN, EQ, BO, ST, FU
Turquoise       EQ
Ukrainian Stock Exchange         EQ
Vienna Stock Exchange     EQ, BO, ST, IN
Warsaw Stock Exchange   IN, EQ, DE, BO

*Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki
**Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich


North American Exchanges

Venue Data Depth   Asset Classes
  E D RT1 RT2 RTF    
BM&F Bovespa           EQ
Bolsa Mexiciana de Valores           EQ, IN
CBOT       DE
CME       DE
COMEX       DE
NYMEX       DE
OPRA         DE
Toronto Stock Exchange       IN, EQ

Asian Exchanges

Venue Data Depth Asset Classes
  E D RT1 RT2 RTF    
Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)         EQ
Australian Stock Exchange         IN
Bombay Stock Exchange         IN
Hanoi Stock Exchange           EQ
Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange           EQ
Hong Kong SE           EQ
Indonesia Stock Exchange           EQ
Karachi Stock Exchange           EQ
Korea Stock Exchange           EQ
Nagoya Stock Exchange           EQ
New Zealand Stock Exchange           EQ
Philippines Stock Exchange           EQ
Singapore Stock Exchange         EQ, DE
Shanghai Stock Exchange         EQ, IN
Shenzen Stock Exchange           EQ
Taiwan Stock Exchange           EQ
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange           EQ
Thailand Stock Exchange           EQ
Tokyo Stock Exchange           EQ

African Exchanges

Venue Data Depth   Asset Classes
  E D RT1 RT2 RTF    
Botswana Stock Exchange           EQ
Casablanca Stock Exchange           EQ
Egyptian Stock Exchange           EQ
Ghana Stock Exchange           EQ
Johannesburg Stock Exchange   IN, EQ, ETF, WA, CE, ST, DE, FI
JSE Debt Market           FI, BO
Mauritius Stock Exchange           EQ
Nairobi Securities Exchange           EQ
Namibian Stock Exchange           EQ
South African Futures Exchange (SAFEX)         DE
Stock Exchange of Mauritius           EQ
Uganda Stock Exchange             EQ
Tunis Stock Exchange           EQ



Indices and Other Services

Venue Data Depth   Asset Classes
  E D RT    
Euribor Fixings     IN
FTSE Johannesburg     IN
FTSE Singapore     IN
Hang Seng     IN
Korea Stock Exchange     IN
LIBOR Fixings       IN
MSCI       IN
Nordic VINX   IN
S&P   IN
Morningstar       FU
iTraxx    IN
Freedom Indexes       IN


Specialist Data

Contributed data

Infront receives and distributes contributed data from leading banks across Europe, including FX Spot and Forwards, Deposits, Forward Rate Agreements, Benchmark Treasuries, IBOR Fixings, bonds and more.

Bonds reference data

Detailed reference data for bonds, including coupon type and frequency, amortization, seniority and call schedules.


Estimates and company data from Factset

Infront provides estimates and company data from Factset covering all major listed companies worldwide.  The Factset service includes estimates, sales, profit and earnings data, recommendations and more.

Read more about Factset


Global funds data

Infront includes data on more than 160,000 funds and ETFs globally from leading provider Morningstar. Infront users have access to consolidated fund overview pages presenting performance, risk and holding data, complete historical performance data and KIID documents.  The Infront terminal provides powerful search and filtering tools to make it easier to work with fund data.

Find out more about Morningstar funds data

Equity analytics from Infinancials

Infront provides high quality data and analytics with global coverage of over 65,000 listed companies. Use the powerful stock screener to identify companies by industry, geography or over 150 financial criteria, work further with in-depth company data, real-time data, charting, and much more.

The Infinancials service in the Infront terminal includes:

  • Data on more than 65,000 global listed companies
  • Company financials with up to 30 years of history
  • Earnings consensus estimates for next 3 years
  • Historical and forecast multiples and ratios
  • International, regional and domestic peer discovery
  • Unique graphical tool for evaluating growth, profitability, risk and value
  • Downloadable stock factsheets

Find out more about equity analytics from Infinancials

SME Direkt Estimates

SME Direkt is the leading Nordic forecast- and analyst service with focus on consensus earnings estimates for stock-listed companies in the Nordic region. Contributors to the service are the leading banks and brokerage firms in the Nordics as well as the leading international investment banks.  The service includes:

  • Consensus estimates for the next 3 years
  • Sales, profit and earnings and dividends data
  • Price/earnings ratios
  • Recommendations
  • Reported results and estimated results for next year

Find out more about SME Direkt Estimates

Tullett Prebon Information

Tullett Prebon Information (tpInformation) is the leading provider of independent real-time price information from the wholesale inter-dealer brokered financial and commodity markets. The service in Infront includes FX spot and forwards data, deposits, forward rate agreements, benchmark treasuries, currency basis swaps and interest rate swaps.

Find out more about Tullett Prebon Information

BATS Europe Trade Reporting (BXTR)

BATS Europe Trade Reporting Services are available in the Infront terminal under the exchange code BXTR.  BXTR is presented both as a separate market, and consolidated with other sources in the Level 2 consolidated trade ticker, giving Infront users the full consolidated picture of European equities markets.

BXTR includes live data from dark pool venues such as UBS MTF, ITG POSIT and many others.  In addition to the regulated MTFs, the BXTR service also covers OTC trades data such as broker systematic internalizers.

Find out more about BXTR data

Ritzau Fundamental Data

Fundamental data and financial statements for Nasdaq Copenhagen listed companies are available in Infront. The service from Ritzau Finans is highly reliable financial data, which contains figures such as major shareholders, balance figures and income statements for Danish companies listed on Nasdaq Nordic Exchange.

The data updates within a short period after the company releases its financial reports and contains yearly and quarterly comparable figures.

Find out more about Ritzau Fundamental Data