Infront integration with Portfolio Management Systems

Provide your customers with an end-to-end solution

Portfolio Management Systems customers can enjoy a seamlessly integration with Infront, enabling them to track their holdings in real-time in a modern and user-friendly platform.

Key Features


  • Cross-platform: Infront Progressional terminal, Web, and mobile
  • Alerts: Real-time alerts on portfolio performance and events

Multi-account Management

  • Overseeing of intra-day performance of multiple portfolios
  • Easy search of clients' portfolios
  • Summary of the portfolios' composition and attribution
  • Main events that will affect the portfolio
  • Signals on the portfolio using Infront's Motion Detector algorithm

Real-time oversight

  • Full oversight of the portfolio holdings
  • News and research
  • Support for cash and non-traded instruments
  • Portfolio return attribution
  • Portfolio characteristics

Deep insight

  • Fundamental analytics for the portfolio holdings
  • Backtesting and rebalancing
  • Performance measures