Infront 8.2.9

New features

  • Trading: Arrival Price and Arrival Time columns in Net Trades page
  • Historic Data: Support columns and RTD links for Earnings Yield, Dividend Yield and P/E
  • Click Trading: In One Gap mode, there should be a price one tick above best bid

Improvements to existing features

  • Trade Ticker: Should show up/down text colors even for high/low prices
  • Brokers Stats Timeline Chart: Field not restored from workspace when F11 is
  • Symbol Trades: Copy to clipboard does not work
  • Options: Initial linking from underlying in Put/Call page not working properly
  • Chart: WMA indicator wrong on intraday
  • Click trading: Initial focus should be on Volume field, not Portfolio
  • Trading: Risk level messages in large, bold font with no headline
  • Options: American vs Europan options and put/call connections