Infront 8.2.216

New features

  • Trading: Multi-broker support
  • Trading: Drag-n-drop Basket to and from Excel
  • Trading: MiFID enhancements: Logging of risk level activities
  • Orderbook: Yellow-strip for UK market
  • Orderbook: Instrument Information section (turn on in Orderbook Setup)
  • New EULA (All users must re-sign)
  • Charts: Improved Currency selector
  • Finnish translation updated

Improvements to existing features

  • Add Desktop improvements
  • Countries: Hard-code 47 = Norway
  • Charts: Increase max number of points to 60k
  • Update all default web links from http to https
  • Add link to Privacy Statement to EULA dialog
  • French translation updated
  • AV when opening Company desktop
  • Export symbol data: Auto-export exports wrong columns