Infront 8.2.113

Improvements to existing features

  • Bug: No L+/-% in the opening call
  • Trading: Trade with risk level custom field: List index out of bounds in TTradeRec.SetCustomValue
  • WBAG Trade Reporting: Removed "S:" prefix for Symbol fields
  • Import: Ignore extra spaces in symbol tickers
  • Click Trading startup: AV in TAbstractOrderBook.GetAskSection
  • While-you-were-away: Feature never triggered (since Feb-2016)
  • Chart: switching line type with on a graph with a parent creates an AV
  • CEF Browser: Browser windows in non-used desktop pages not closed properly
  • CommsStat: AV in TCommsStatusForm.VisibleFeedsPage
  • Adding stocks to an indexed chart: AV in TGraphBase.CalcRebaseFactor