Infront 8.2.111

New features

  • News story: Support linking of web-based news story windows
  • Market window: ESMA, New Total Dark % column

Improvements to existing features

  • NoTradesToday logic: Consider Off-floor/OnFloor Volumes vs TradeMoves
  • Terminal Login Credentials: Support Unicode characters
  • Basket Import: No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page
  • Fund Overview: support for native currency
  • Portfolio Tracker empty when opened from workspace
  • Chart: Target currency incorrect [#49504]
  • Chromium Browser: Add file from Slack: Range check error in cef_dialog_handler_on_file_dialog
  • New Order: Off-by one in volume rounding logic when entering Gross price
  • Top Investors: RecordIndex out of range, misc AV, bug in DevExpress
  • Portfolio Tracker: AV in THolding.GetStringValue, referencing freed cash/other symbol